Past Black History Event@ Hamilton Recreation San Francisco, Ca.

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Mr.Mel Simmons/ Youth Counselor/BTW Center

Donations received from the 2017 Seniors " Big Six "  Domino Tournament will be given to Students at various grade levels who write a one page paper on  "What Black History means to Me". February is Black History Month in case you forgot and hopefully this tradition will

Originally formed as a Social Club the sfdominoclub happened @ The Fillmore St. Mini-Park right across the street from one of the city's most unpopular spots the Northern police station. i digress.A few ofOG's began to gather in the afternoon and stop by and play. Of course as with anything there are good and bad joyful and sad memories

just about five ( 5 ) years ago in conjunction with the SF Recreation & Parks Dept.,Bridge The Gap,Amblp,Esquire Barber shop along with Newbill's Barber Shop we started a Black History Month Celebration as mentioned before we also Produce a regularly Broadcast TV Show " The Domino Theory ". The show has aired over  5 years in the same time slot 11am on Tuesdays on the city's Cable Access channel.This is used as a teaching tool. Members are encouraged to participate in the shows Productions our show can also be seen on WAVE 29&76,AT&T 99 as well as other social media outlets.

The City's Count " Z " Bop

sfdominoclub Logo

Don't know if they're still taking place, but the Veterans Standowns were very good as far as providing much needed resources for our Homeless brothers and sisters. My Uncle Carey Johnson served in World War II for that effort to serve this Country his sister my maternal Grand mother received an american flag and a few dollars to help with funeral expenses. I find the most degrading part of this whole scenario being the fact that black soldiers or wanna be soldiers had to fight to get into the Armed Services. Basically we signed up to be able to continue to be mistreated here at home. I'm glad I went ( 1964-1965 ) and managed to be Discharged Honorably. Most of those who stand so adamantly hands over hearts have never even thought about joining.

Mr. R. J. Reed

We are truly Thankful to Channel 29 &76, WAVE 29&76 and AT&T 99 for allowing us to air our show " The Domino Theory " which is now heading into it's 6th season on Public Access in San Francisco, Ca. It has been my personal experience that this thing either engulfs or frustrates you to the point of no return. What i'm saying is that Editing is no easy task. Even the smallest of clips can sometimes seem like a daunting task. This was intended to be a hobby and then it became a challenge and today some 7 years later I still find it very challenging. One thing that I can attest to is that if you like it you do and on the other side of the coin why not just go out and purchase one of the new high end phones or tablets that have film making features.

One if not the most visited Structures on the Planet San Francico,Ca.'s Golden Gate Bridge. 

Thomas United Methodist Church's Reverand Kaseem Short delivers the message. Loving your Enemies.

The sfdominoclub was formed by a small group of wanna be World Domino Champions  San Francisco,Ca's in the Fillmore St. mini Park@ Golden Gate and Fillmore basically the heart of the neighborhood fondly referred to by some as the Mo'.

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