It is by no means our intent to contribute to what seems an ever increasing process of denying the things that myself and other Veterans have so long fought for. When I was in uniform we all stood as one.Now the divisiveness in this country has reached a level to be expected with an uninformed populace. The incidents that you witness on these pages are real and sometimes hard to justify. I would not want live in a society without some process of Law & Order for all of it's citizens. I have noticed along with the increase in violence towards young men and women of color a sense of hopelessness. Where are the job opportunities and education that lead to the American vision of prosperity. Now you see it and now you don't. The most incredible thing i have ever heard is the fact that some of us had to fight for the right to serve a country that has very seldom fought for African-Americans. For those who have fought the good fight for equality I can only hope that you efforts are not in vain and we Thank You. footnote if you will the word " Nigger " has become meaningless just listen if you will to the White,Asiian,Hispanic and others calling each other " nigger ".

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Photographs by Dr. James Villeau world traveler and retired Educator.

"City by the Bay"

" A Set of Bones in every Household "  

Opinion by Justin Nobel

Dan Bright was born in New Orleans and at age 26 was wrongfully convicted of murder. He was sentenced to die at Louisiana's famous Angola prison. After nine years in prison, and the hard work of numerous lawyers, Dan was exonerated. The charges against him were cleared, and he was released. 

For the past four years I've been working with Dan to turn notes he began in prison into a book about his life. "The Story of Dan Bright" was published in November by the University of New Orleans Press. During our conversations I often asked Dan what he'd change about our legal system. One of his answers surprised me. "I think every lawyer should have to spend a couple days in prison," he said.

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 " What Happened to Common Sense and Stuff "  ?  

I am hardly qualified being one who has failed in the past on many occasions to exercise this God given gift. Looking back I can remember hearing my Grandmother refer to it as mother wit.The more refined version today should be called for all practical purposes Good Manners. One of the first lessons was to speak especially in the mornings and beyond that definitely to Older people that lived on your block. If one of mama's friends were told I didn't man did I get a reminder at the time I of course thought it was  cruel and unusual punishment. Ironically today I feel uncomfortable when younger people don't speak or get up from a bus seat to allow an older person to sit. I am also hardly qualified to raise other folks children but just suggestion pull your pants up. I don't need to get into the rest of our younger society's ill's except to suggest to the older members of society try and set a better example.